Synthetic Grass Treatment Concentrate – 2ltrs

Artificial Grass Cleaner is a spray on chemical cleaner for synthetic grass surfaces

Dispensed via a clip on hose fitting Sports Cleans Artificial Grass Cleaner is designed to kill and remove the discolouration caused by algae and moss on your surface. The product is supplied in a 2 litre container with a spray/mixing device attached that will ensure that you are delivering the correct mix to your surface Directions for Use: Whilst the product is environmentally friendly you should read the label carefully and wear eye and skin protection whilst treating your surface. Simply clip your garden hose onto the fitting on your 2L container of Synthetic Grass Cleaner, turn on the hose and spray the affected areas of your surface. The mixer will deliver the 20:1 mixing rate and provide enough mixed product to treat 170M2 of surface FYI the area of an average domestic tennis court is 550M2 and it would be rare for  more half of the court to show signs of discolouration. Therefore 2 x 2L containers should facilitate 1 pray session The wetter you make the affected area the more effective the treatment will be You should plan on at least 2 treatments of your surface during Autumn and Winter.