Synthetic bowling greens are the most demanding of synthetic sports surfaces, requiring expertise to ensure they play as well as they look.

For maximum longevity, new greens need regular maintenance to keep them clean and redistribute sand in the pile to ensure even and consistent performance of the green.

Sports Clean offers the following services to bowling greens:

One of Sports Cleans SMG Sport Champs in action during a Bowling Green Deep Clean

Major Servicing or Deep Cleaning

This service includes: Removing debris; loosening/disturbing the greens infill allowing it to be cleaned of dust and small broken-down vegetation and fibre; returning the infill back to the heavy wear areas of the green; checking of seams; reporting to the facility owners. This process will also improve the greens drainage performance.

The Deep Clean Service involves the deployment of the world’s leading synthetic grass maintenance machine The SMG SportChamp and its various machine attachments.

Frequency of this service will depend on green use however most commonly twice per annum.

Synthetic Bowling Green Rejuvenation in Progress

Rejuvenation Service

Should your green get out of its maintenance routine or reach a certain age (approx. 3 years) it may require a Rejuvenation service.

This service is carried out via a deeper and aggressive brush and tine penetration in multiple passes into the hard surface, Sports Clean specialises in Bowling Green Rejuvenations and has carried out many over the last 2 decades with exceptional results.

Green inspections and training with stakeholders

Management of these valuable facilities needs to be collaborative, and Sports Clean, due to its experience, will provide your stakeholders with the information they need to take care of and report on the facility.


From time to time all synthetic fields will require repairs. Sports Clean has carried out many repairs and collaboratively works with the green installers and the clients to get the necessary results.

Contact us to discuss your facility needs.