Aussie Clean Sweep (ACS)

The Aussie Clean Sweep is a groomer/sweeper designed to quickly and easily, groom, remove loose debris and sweep your synthetic grass area.

$589.00 inc GST

The Aussie Clean Sweep can be used on surfaces such as Synthetic Turf, Porous Clay, Loam, Gravel, Plexi-Pave, Rebound Ace, and Asphalt. It will sweep up leaves, small sticks, stones, seed pods, pine needles and foreign matter in minutes. Tennis court size area can be completed with the ACS in less than 10 minutes

Instructions for use:
Groom the area crossways and shake off leaves/debris at the edges. Once groomed use a leaf rake to rake up the deposited debris along the edges and remove from the area.

NOTE: The Aussie Clean Sweep should be stored flat or hung up between use to ensure its effectiveness.