Hockey were one of the early adopters of the Synthetic grass surface, and are therefore well versed in the maintenance needs of the fields.

The rigors of Hockey and the particular demands made of the surface create a unique need for maintenance diligence.

Sports Clean, since 1999 has regularly repaired and maintained some 100 hockey fields. Interesting fact, Sports Clean maintained the 2 Olympic hockey fields every night during the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

There are 3 main Synthetic Hockey surface types;

  • Wet Field – for international and senior competition use
  • Hybrid – for club and competition use
  • Sand dressed – older hockey fields

The management of maintenance for each of these surface types involves the same frequency of servicing, but with a slightly different method.

One of Sports Cleans SMG Turfcare in action during a groom.

Minor Servicing or Grooming

The purpose of this service is to stand up the pile, pick up larger debris (like sticks, leaves, player tape), top up the high wear areas with a small amount of infill (dependant on surface type), address any minor repairs, flag any major repairs and provide a report at the conclusion of the service.

Frequency of this service will depend on field use however fortnightly grooms are most common and is usually completed by the club, however Sports Clean has the capacity to complete this service.

One of Sports Cleans SMG Sport Champs in action during a Wet Hockey Field Deep Clean

Major Servicing or Deep Cleaning

This service includes: Removing debris; loosening/disturbing the fields infill (dependant on surface type) allowing it to be cleaned of dust and small broken-down vegetation; returning the infill back to the heavy wear areas of the field; checking of seams; reporting to the facility owners

This service involves the deployment of the world’s leading synthetic grass maintenance machine and its various machine attachments.

Frequency of this service will again depend on field use however most commonly twice per annum at either end of the hockey season.

WashMatic in action during a Wet Hockey Field Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation – Washing a Wet Hockey Field

Wet hockey fields particularly are by their very nature are prone to developing infestations of dirt then moss and algae making them very slippery so from time to time will need to be washed, usually every 2 years. Sometimes this can be limited to just the perimeter of the field.

Quite a lengthy process has been sped up by Sports Cleans significant investment in the recently developed state of the art SMG WashMatic machine.

The SMG WashMatic will clean 250m2 in 1 hr using a wash and extraction system which pumps the extracted dirt, algae and moss directly from extraction to outside of the field via hoses.

One of Sports Cleans Spray Units in action on a wet hockey field

Surface Spraying

This is an optional step for those facilities that have high levels of moss and algae or who are concerned with sanitisation of the surface. Sports Clean uses an enzyme-based product which means its pH neutral, Biodegradable, and can be played on immediately.

Wet hockey fields are prone to developing moss and algae, particularly around the edges so this step is essential in those cases.

Seam Repairs in progress on a Wet Hockey field


From time to time all synthetic fields will require repairs. Sports Clean has carried out many repairs and collaboratively works with the field installers and the clients to get the necessary results.

Field inspections and training with stakeholders

Management of these valuable facilities needs to be collaborative, and Sports Clean, due to its experience, will provide your stakeholders with the information they need to take care of and report on the facility.

Contact us now to discuss your facility needs.