Great looking, well performing, long lasting tennis courts are the result of regular maintenance.

Sports Clean, since 1999; repairs, maintains and provides equipment for Synthetic Grass and Acrylic tennis courts for Club, Strata and Embassy clients.

Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

Synthetic Grass (Fake Grass, Astro Turf) Courts are beautiful surfaces, and if well maintained can last decades. Generally speaking, the pile is supported by washed and kiln dried sand that should be kept clean and free moving to allow good player surface interaction & ball bounce.

Assuming maintenance is kept up Sports Clean recommends (for most courts) 2 professional services per year, a Major Service and a Minor Service.

In addition to these Major and minor services Sports Clean specialises in complete tennis court rejuvenations should that be necessary.

Tennis Court Service in progress

Major Service – A Full Tennis Court Service

This service is completed during dry conditions and involves specialist machinery that brushes out the spoil that is trapped in the top layer of sand, top up the sand to the appropriate level, complete any seam repairs, service the net winder and provide a report on any concerns.

Failure to remove this dirt and dust will result over time in the court becoming hard, slippery, and tough on players.

TurfBoy in action during a Club Tennis Court Service

Club Tennis Court Service

This service is suitable to sites with multiple courts, that have good access, are well cared for by the facility owners and receive a lot of play.

Sports clean deploys the SMG TurfBoy for this service and focuses particularly on the key challenges of these courts which is usually around the edges and base lines.

Winter Protection Service in process

Minor Service – A Winter Protection Service

Wet conditions promote the growth of moss and algae on Tennis courts (worse if the court is heavily shaded). A Winter Protection service kills this growth and slows its growth throughout the winter period.

Synthetic Court Rejuvenation in Progress

Synthetic Grass Tennis Rejuvenation Service

Should a tennis court get out of its maintenance routine it may require rejuvenation. This is carried out either via washing or deeper ‘brush’ penetration into the hard surface dependant on court needs, Sports Clean specialises in court rejuvenations and has carried out some hundreds over the last 2 decades.

Synthetic Grass Court Repairs

Sports Clean has the capacity to complete minor and major repairs, the most common requests we get are:

  • Base Line inserts – These can add 3-4 years to the life of a synthetic grass tennis court
  • Seam Repairs, Lifting lines and tears
  • Base Depressions & Tree roots under the surface
  • Leaning Net Posts

Acrylic Tennis Courts

Acrylic (also known as hard surface, painted, rebound ace) tennis courts are practical and hard wearing; however, they quickly get dirty and then slippery without maintenance.

Sports Clean offers the following maintenance services for acrylic courts:

Before and After Acrylic Court Major service

Acrylic Major Service – Pressure Wash

This is a fairly aggressive service and should be completed as infrequently as possible and by professionals so as to limit the damage to the acrylic layer.

Gentle Wet Brush

Acrylic Minor Service – Gentle Wet Brush

Most acrylic manufacturers and installers are now specking this gentler approach to maintaining acrylic courts, completed more frequently it is there to remove the dust and debris that settles on the court prior to it baking onto the surface. It is much kinder on the surface.

Repairs on an Acrylic Tennis Court

Acrylic Repairs

Over time these surfaces will crack and separate from the base beneath. Sports Clean can provide extra life to these courts by patching and repairing.

Tennis Court Equipment

We supply and install and, in some cases, repair a wide range of tennis equipment including:
Perimeter Net

Divider and Perimeter Nets

Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens

Other Tennis Equipment

Sports Clean can supply and install all types of equipment. Contact us for a quote.


  • Aussie Clean Sweep
  • Tennis nets
  • Net posts and winders
  • Centre straps and center strap plugs for tennis nets
  • Brooms & Scrapers