These surfaces are practical and hard wearing but will quickly become unattractive and slippery when dirty. Care and experience are necessary to ensure that specialist surfaces are not damaged during maintenance activities. Sports Clean offers the following maintenance services for tracks:
One of Sports Cleans SMG Sports Champs in action during the brush of an athletics track.

Minor Servicing or Brushing an Athletics Track

The purpose of this service is to remove any loose rubber granules and surface dirt or loose vegetation.

Wash Matic in action during an Athletics Track rejuvenation

Rejuvenation – Washing an Athletics Track

The large surface area created by the rubber granules that make up Athletic Tracks means that they are prone to trapping dirt, turning to algae, and potentially resulting them becoming slippery and very unattractive. To counter this from time to time they will need to be washed, usually annually.

Quite a lengthy process has been sped up by Sports Cleans significant investment in the recently developed international state of the art SMG WashMatic machine.
The SMG WashMatic will clean 250m2 in 1 hr using a wash and extraction system which pumps the extracted dirt, algae and moss directly from extraction to outside of the track via hoses.

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