Sports Clean provides many other maintenance services to its hundreds of synthetic surface facility owner clients, some examples:

Cricket Wickets

Many facilities require the synthetic field to cater to more than one sport and usually is set up to cater to both a winter (Football) and summer sport (Cricket). This versatility requires management of cricket wickets.

Sports clean offers 2 types of maintenance services to accommodate cricket wickets:

First stage of adding shock pad to the Cricket wicket prior to covering the wicket with Synthetic Grass for the Football season

Wicket Cover Transitions

Most synthetic cricket wickets in the middle of a long pile football field have a cover when in Football season and that cover is removed for Cricket season. Sports Clean completes this transition on a large number of facilities.

Wicket cleaning and infilling in progress

Cricket Wicket Maintenance

This service is most often used in practice net cricket wickets or synthetic wickets in the centre of a natural grass field.

Cross field line marking of D’s on a Hockey field

Line Marking

During the planning stage of a new Synthetic grass facility the line marking will be determined and these lines will be tufted into the surface during manufacture. Then throughout the life of the facility the usage demand may change. This change will mean that the surface will need temporary line marking to accommodate these changing needs.

Sports Clean uses specialist synthetic grass paint and has line marked a number of facilities in various colours.

One of our Spray Units on a Wet Hockey Field

Moss/Algae/Disinfectant Surface Treatments

Synthetic surfaces are prone to growing moss and algae particularly when shaded which often requires treatment. In addition, many facilities like to have their synthetic grass areas disinfected regularly.

Sports Clean carries out thousands of such treatments each year on both small synthetic grass facilities such as tennis courts and large such as hockey fields.

Synthetic Grass Repairs

Sports Clean has the capacity to complete minor and major repairs, and have completed thousands of repairs over the last 2 decades. The most common repairs are listed below:
Repairs on an Acrylic Tennis Court

Acrylic Repairs

Over time these surfaces will crack and separate from the base beneath. Sports Clean can provide extra life to these courts by patching and repairing.


Sports Clean can supply and install all types of equipment, some of which are listed below. Contact us for a quote.

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