Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Drainage – Top Tips to Protect Your Surface

When it comes to synthetic tennis court drainage, many owners underestimate the importance of keeping water off your court to ensure it stays clean and last longer.

Did you know that poor drainage is the most common cause of dirty, damaged courts?

Why is synthetic Tennis Court Drainage so important?

The causes of poor drainage include:

  • Vegetation and sand build up on the court;
  • Debris caught under and against the perimeter fencing;
  • Landscaping outside of the surface blocking planned drainage routes;
  • Blocked drainage grates.

The threat is, if you allow water to stop or slow down, it will deposit all of the sediment that it has suspended onto your synthetic surface. In winter, when there is a lot more shade, deposited sediment will encourage the growth of moss and  algae, which can become slippery and is quite dangerous to players.

To minimise the court’s exposure to damage and dirt built-up, the goal for all lateral drainage surfaces is to get the water off your court’s surface as quickly as possible.

How to Improve Synthetic Tennis Court Drainage

  • Check the tennis court’s surface during rain, when it has water on it, to ensure that all the drainage is operating correctly;
  • Assist that water to flow quickly off your surface by addressing any issues you find;
  • If there is any dirt deposited on the surface, then simply scrape it up and remove it from the surface. We refer you to our Sports Clean Tips Sheet for Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts for further information.

How Sports Clean can help:

Sports clean has two decades of experience in repairing the bases of tennis courts and has seen and repaired most issues, so should you discover that your court is not draining well, and you need assistance to resolve contact Sports Clean to discuss.

In addition to base/drainage repairs Sports Clean recommends two professional court services are scheduled every year, this will ensure the surface is kept in top shape and any issues are identified early.

At Sports Clean, our team is experienced and knowledgeable in synthetic grass tennis court maintenance. We encourage you to book an inspection and service of your court, so we can help your surface last throughout all seasons, for many years to come. Call our friendly team on (02) 9420 1200 or email: