Synthetic Grass Sand – 20kg bag

20kg of washed and kiln dried sand for use as synthetic grass infill.

Due to the weight and individual site delivery needs, contact us to receive a quote for a delivery of bagged sand.

Kiln dried sand, also known as Granusil or silica sand, is used as infill for synthetic grass. This sand is recommended for synthetic grass as it has very few impurities, does not clump which produces good player interaction with the surface as well as ball bounce

Directions for Use:
Sand levels should be kept high in Synthetic Grass to support the pile (blades) of grass. Typically, there will be high wear/traffic areas on any synthetic grass surface, this traffic pushes the sand out of the trafficked areas leaving the ‘blades’ unsupported. These areas should be ‘topped up’ with sand, and brushed in multiple directions regularly. As a general guide there should be 2 to 3mm of synthetic grass exposed above the sand. If those blades start to flatten then you are short on sand.

Spread sand evenly and brush in with a stiff bristle broom