Salt – 10kg bag

10kg of Salt for use on moss and algae infestations on synthetic grass.

$18.00 inc GST

Please note currently there is a 2 bag per order limit using our online store.  For larger options please contact us.

This product is a dried, naturally evaporated sea salt (sodium chloride). This product is a translucent to white solid, with texture of medium fine granules; with the addition of anticaking agent (554) and a mean particle size of approximately 0.45mm.

Salt is used on synthetic grass tennis courts to slow the spread of mould, algae and moss

Directions for Use:
When you see patches of black (algae) and or green(moss) appearing on your court, use a scraper to disturb it and remove as much as possible from the court (NOTE you will not get out all of the discolouration at first treatment), then sprinkle cooking salt over the area that you have just scraped and brush in.

Ideally you will leave the treated area for say 1 week then repeat the scraping process, remove the scraped material and top up with sand