Outdoor Line Marking

Ensuring that you have the correct lines marked on a surface particularly a Synthetic Grass surface is essential to ensure play on the whole field or court is encouraged. This is sometimes difficult to achieve when a project is scoped, as you often cant forsee user needs until the field construction is complete. In addition to this there is often a need to adjust the markings by season to accommodate multi sports use.

We offer a Airless trolley line marking service using long wear specialist Synthetic Grass or Hard Surface paint to allow the surface to be used flexibly.

Some examples of how our Clients use this service:

  • Hockey cross field markings – used for practicing and takes the pressure off the goal areas
  • School Multi Sports
  • BasketBall Keys on private tennis courts
  • Create a maze for an activity
  • Marking multiple Futsal Fields on a larger Football Field
  • Marking Stall positions at a Market