During the wetter, cooler months, when tennis courts are often being used less, maintenance can become neglected, with the synthetic surface suffering damage as a result. This article outlines several handy tips for off-season synthetic tennis court maintenance, aimed at helping to protect your surface and ensure the longevity of your court.

While there is always a temptation during the cooler, wetter months to stay inside and away from your synthetic grass tennis court, there are a few reasons to get outside. Courts are particularly vulnerable during the consistently wet weather conditions. Synthetic Grass Tennis courts that have been neglected can:

  • Become backyard eyesores
  • Be slippery and dangerous for kids having a general play
  • Become expensive and costly fixes

Unmaintained synthetic surfaces can become slippery and dangerous, and the accumulation of debris causes damage to the surface of the court

Easy General Maintenance Tasks for Synthetic Tennis Courts

General maintenance tasks that will protect synthetic surfaces and prevent courts ‘taking off’ during the wetter and cooler months includes:

  • Trim hedges and trees overhanging the court to allow as much sunlight as possible onto the surface.
  • Clear fallen leaves, lawn clippings and other vegetation off the court before it starts to break down and algae or moss form.
  • Clear up vegetation and weeds outside the court to allow courts to drain freely (see Blog on Synthetic Tennis Court Drainage Tips for a more detailed description on the importance of this task). https://sportsclean.com.au/synthetic-tennis-court-drainage-tips/
  • Where there is black algae and moss starting to appear on the court surface, refer to our Tips Sheet for Synthetic Grass for Synthetic Grass Tennis courts for a ‘salting, scraping & brushing regime’ to keep under control. Remember, you must get onto it early! https://sportsclean.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Sports-Clean-SFAG-Tennis-Court-Maintenance-Tips.pdf


How Sports Clean Can Help with Maintenance of Your Tennis Court

Sports Clean has over 20 years’ experience in the maintenance of synthetic grass tennis court surfaces. We recommend an annual Protection Service is carried out by a professional maintenance provider during the cooler, wetter months. This will ensure the court receives a protective spray and some sand is added to the court in areas which are identified as ‘at risk’ of damage. We also have a number of online resources available for general court maintenance advice on our website: https://sportsclean.com.au/

Paying attention to all of the above will help protect your synthetic grass tennis court through those wet, cool autumn and winter months. This will ensure the court is clean, safe and ready for action once the warmer months of Spring arrive.

For further information about synthetic tennis court maintenance during the off-season, please contact sports clean on info@sportsclean.com.au or 02 9420 1200.