Sports Clean has invested in and taken delivery of the brand-new state of the art SMG WashMatic. Specifically designed for the cleaning of Athletics Tracks, Hockey Wetfields and large area Acrylic Surfaces

Washmatic cleaning an athletics track

Washmatic cleaning a wet hockey field

Athletics Tracks, Wet Hockey Fields, and Acrylic surfaces can quickly become dirty, facilitating algae growth which compromises drainage making surfaces very slippery and unsafe.

Washing these large areas becomes crucial once they get to this point, however it is a time-consuming task that requires expert machinery and experienced operators to address this without damaging the surface.

Sports Clean has been maintaining and repairing Sporting Surfaces since 1999 and has manually washed hundreds of these surfaces, so has the experienced operators.

All that was remaining was a suitable machine to speed up the process whilst providing an improved result. This we have achieved with the SMG WashMatic.

The SMG WashMatic is a brand-new machine developed over some years by the market leading Synthetic Sports Surface Machinery manufacturers SMG. The SMG WashMatic will clean 250m2/hr using a wash and extraction system which connects via hoses from the local water source.

The extracted dirt/algae/water mix is then discharged directly from the WashMatic via a hose off the cleaned surface/track/field. This allows Sports Clean to keep control of this dirty water and its discharge.

Sports Clean has been working with and using SMG products since the beginning and has been supportive of and involved in the development of this machine, and are now happy to advise that we have taken delivery of one of the first WashMatic machines to roll of the SMG production line.

Sports Clean will from the 1st November 2020 be providing this state-of-the-art washing/cleaning service to all Eastern States of Australia (NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT)

We would be delighted to discuss this system and its suitability to your facility further with you. Visit our website for more information and contact us to discuss.