Tennis Courts

Great looking, well performing, long lasting tennis courts are the result of regular maintenance. We clean, maintain and repair all surfaces, and can supply and install Tennis nets, Tennis net posts, Retractable perimeter nets, screens, Brushes and Sweepers and the specialist Tennis Court Sand. So you can spend your time enjoying your court.

All sports surfaces collect dirt and vegetation, when you add moisture you will start to see discolouration then algae and moss. We have a unique range of cleaning equipment and knowledge to return most surfaces to a near new. We can then put in place a regular maintenance programme, working with you, so that you can extend the life of your surface.


Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass courts need regular maintenance to ensure the pile remains upright and free to move so the court performs at its best. In an east Australian climate where shade, leaves and water provide ideal conditions for moss and algae, your court will get dirty but with regular servicing, (usually twice per year), these surfaces will stay in great condition.

We offer a variety of cleaning and maintenance solutions for sand filled and short pile synthetic grass surfaces including; spraying, brushing, vacuuming, filtering, washing, and re-sanding services.

Stabilised Loam/Clay

Wonderfully comfortable playing surfaces, loam or clay courts require regular maintenance to stay in good shape. We specialise in refurbishing and re-topping these surfaces including plastic line replacement and repairs.

Hard Courts/Acrylic

Hard courts are practical and hard-wearing, but will quickly become slippery when dirty. We offer spraying and washing treatments for these surfaces. Care and experience is necessary to ensure that the finished surface is not damaged by these procedures.

We supply and install a wide range of tennis equipment including:

  • Aussie Clean Sweep
  • divider and perimeter nets and shades
  • tennis nets
  • net posts and winders
  • centre straps for tennis nets
  • centre straps plugs to secure centre straps to surface

We have rejuvenated many tennis courts and sports surfaces, bringing them back to life so that they are now easily maintained.

From basic repairs to complete regeneration, repairs are a speciality of Sports Clean. We can repair any type of sport surface or piece of equipment including:

  • Splitting seams
  • Lifting lines
  • Carpet tears
  • Net posts and winders
  • Divider and perimeter nets and cables
  • Base repairs including removing roots

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