Sports Structures

The correct installation checks and repair of sporting structures is not only essential in ensuring that you maximise the life of your equipment but more importantly ensuring that they are safe. Sports clean works with all the leading Sports Equipment Suppliers to ensure you get the correct solution for your facility.

We install and repair equipment from all of the leading sporting equipment suppliers, both indoor and outdoor.


Divider Curtains, Basketball Systems, Volleyball and Netball Floor Fittings, Goals for all indoor sports


Basketball & netball systems, Rugby and Soccer Goals, and Nets

With the increasing technology and complexity of indoor equipment systems, to ensure their safety we, together with leading manufacturers recommend that facility owners and managers have their systems inspected and serviced regularly.

Most of these systems are suspended in some way, so it can be difficult for facility managers to inspect correctly. We get up amongst the moving parts, check them, repair where necessary, and provide the managers with an operational report.