Sports Fields

You want your sports field in top condition for play for the maximum number of days per year. We pride ourselves on our repair and maintenance programs to ensure the best possible condition and maximum longevity for your sports field or surface.


It is recommended that AFL and football fields receive one hour of maintenance for every ten hours of field use. We have invested heavily in specialised equipment to deliver these requirements quickly and efficiently, to ensure your field is performing to its’ potential for the maximum time. Regular maintenance has proved critical to the up-time and longevity of these surfaces.

Football Fields


Wet Fields

Typically these surfaces are in frequent use and therefore under-serviced. The maintenance of seams and field marking points are also very important for longevity.
To keep the pile standing upright and the pile infill clean and draining correctly, we recommend a minimum of two services per year.
We have Australia’s best range of maintenance equipment to service wet fields. We’ll tailor the maintenance of your facility to its’ needs.

Hybrid & Sand Filled Fields

The modern hybrid and older sand filled field systems require regular maintenance to keep the pile brushed up and the infill free to move.
Our SportsChamp machine was specifically developed to service Europe’s mass of hybrid sand filled fields to brush up the pile and cleaning the sand. This means we’ll minimise the time your field is out of operation and have the players back on the field quickly.



These surfaces are practical and hard wearing but will quickly become slippery when dirty. We offer sweeping and washing service for these surfaces. Care and experience is necessary to ensure that the finished surface is not damaged by these procedures.


Bowling greens

Synthetic bowling greens are the most demanding of synthetic sports surfaces, requiring expertise to ensure they play as well as they look.

For maximum longevity, new greens need regular servicing to keep them clean and redistribute sand in the pile playing surface to ensure even and consistent performance of the pile.
We also rejuvenate old greens through decompacting, brushing, vacuuming and re-sanding and then regularly maintaining.
Regularly brushed up pile and an in-house management system linked to regular servicing is absolutely essential for the success of synthetic greens.

Bowling Greens