SMG Machinery

smgSports Clean holds the NSW and QLD agency for SMG. Based in Germany, SMG are the leading manufacturer of synthetic grass sports surface maintenance machinery in the world.

For 20 years SMG has been developing and producing tools, devices and machines for the installation and maintaining of artificial turf and offer a number of different maintenance and cleaning machines, from walk behind and towed to sophiticated ride on machinery

The maintenance and cleaning features of the SMG machines meet the suggested maintenance guidelines of the grass suppliers, and the international sports bodies such as UEFA, FIFA, IRB and ITP

Sports Clean’s extensive synthetic grass maintenance experience coupled with SMG’s market leading machinery will result in us being able to provide you with not only the right machine but also training and advice about how to get the best maintenance and therefore longeuvity result for your surface.

There are generally 2 types of maintenance required on Synthetic Grass surfaces:

  1. Regular maintenance, which should occur weekly or bi weekly, the aim of which is to remove debris from the surface, stand up the pile and ensure any infill is level
  2. Deep Clean Maintenance, 2-3 times per year, the aim is to do all of the above plus get deeper down into the pile and infill, to clean the dirt and dust out of it and loosen/soften the playing surface

The following equipment is designed to do one or both of those types of services:

Sport Champ Range

A ride on device that can do both the regular and the deep clean maintenance required, it is often used by clubs, and councils…

Turf Care Range

A towed device used for regular maintenance on Football Fields. Often used by Schools, & Private fields

Care Max Range

A ride on machine that is designed for regular maintenance but also has the capabilities of a deep clean. It is often used by clubs, and councils…

Turf Boy Range

A compact ride on machine that is designed for mini pitches such as indoor soccer, and Futsal courts. It has the capabilities to do both regular maintenance and deep clean. It is often used by Tennis Clubs

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